It all Matters…

As some of my followers may know, I have been eating clean and working out at my gym with a trainer three times a week, and on my own for another two days…every week since I turned (a..hem!) 40 in January. Its still weird to say “I’m 40”.  Anyway, I drag my buns out of bed at 5:30am three times a week, just so my super awesome trainer Rhonda can kick my butt all over my gym for 60+ minutes.  I’m not being sarcastic…Rhonda is Super … AND Awesome.  Yes, I capitalized those words because that is exactly what she is. Super and Awesome.  It takes a very special person to keep me going on a workout regimen while motivating me to work out on my “days off” for this long. I don’t think it has ever happened before.  By now, I would have typically “broken up” with my trainer (and the gym) for outdoor spring activities such as leisurely walks with my dogs, biking and gardening.  Which is NOT the same as Rhonda by the way..

Still_working_comparisonI hate working out.  I really despise it.  Always have.  However, it has worked out well with Rhonda because of a few key reasons: When I have success, she encourages more success.  when I don’t want to move, she motivates me to move.  when I pick up the 15 lb weight…she gives me “the look” and I grab the 20lb weight.   She doesn’t let my wimpy 40 year old self wimp out.

But I’ll be honest, my results haven’t been what I thought they would be.  I thought I would be down at LEAST 10 more lbs than I am right now.  BUT.  My butt.  Well, its smaller.  And my mid section is definitely more “hour glass” than it normally is and my biceps are pretty rock hard.  I’m sleeping better, I handle stress better, my clothes fit better and overall…I feel better.  This is what really counts, I know.  But man, that number on the scale is SO validating.

OK so here is the real deal.  I have only lost about 8 lbs from January to April.  This is INSANE if you knew how hard I have been working over the last four months.  I have eliminated all bread and non-fruit/vegetable carbs.  I keep my portions down and I have replaced copious amounts of wine with much smaller glasses of bourbon.  I have done all of this and I just want that scale to move.  And now, as I sit in my office with my glass of bourbon by my side, I wonder:  why. WHY does that scale matter?  I feel better than I have in years despite 3 and 5 year old toddlers driving me crazy all day, and work stressing me out daily.  Why does that scale matter? This is an age old question that i’m sure my bourbon will not answer tonight. But I am making a conscience effort to just say no.  Saying no to the scale will save my sanity, this I know.

I’m going to make a quick confession and then explain how I got back on track today.  Last Thursday, I was working in Downtown Detroit and as some may know, you can find some A-MAZING food in Detroit.  My weaknesses are: pizza and mac &  cheese.  Both of which can be found everywhere in Detroit.  So I was out for dinner on Thursday – Mac and cheese was on the menu – I ordered a side, with broccoli and a big glass of wine.  Bad I know, but I counted it as my “cheat day”.  So I chowed down some reeeeeeally good M&C.  The next day, my kids and I shared a pizza at lunch.  This is the first time this has happened in literally 4 1/2 months.  It was so good as soon as it hit my lips, I couldn’t stop.  Then…. my husband brought home some pizza for dinner as well.  I ate that too. And I drank wine.  Again.  Its like I’m an addict, and I fell off the wagon for a couple days.

What I noticed though, was remarkable.  I strayed from my regular “clean eating” diet just for a day or two, and I suddenly got very moody and very sluggish all day today (Sunday).  The influx of simple carbs and wine (aka: sugar), actually CHANGED my mood.  I was not energetic, I felt really bloated and I wanted to nap all day.  It happened that fast.  Within those couple days – my body chemistry changed.  This really rattled me.  So today we went grocery shopping and I can promise you that my cart was filled with nothing but clean protein and produce.  I fired up my grill this afternoon and the feast that I had before me by 4pm was A-MAZING.  I have had nothing but protein and vegetables today and I’m still awake to tell you about it.  So the positive effect also happened just that fast.

The morale of this story is that what we feed our body makes a difference.  It ALL matters.  What we feed ourselves is just as important as what we don’t feed ourselves.  Be good to your body and it will be good to you.

NOW, I have a great  recipe to share with you:


1 head of raw cauliflower

1 TB of smoked paprika (my new fav thing!)

1Tsp of brown sugar

2 TB of olive oil

1 to infinity cloves of garlic – crushed (to taste)


Toss all of the above ingredients together – put on the grill for 20 -25 minutes until tender.

DIP: In zesty mayo or blue cheese dressing


This is honestly one of the tastiest things that has come out of my kitchen in awhile!  I would love to show you some pics of the finished product but I ate ALL of it! LOL!

Try it out today!!

Stay healthy,










2 thoughts on “It all Matters…

  1. Tina ,

    Your openness of real life living is inspirational to keep going!! Even when we fall and cheat!. Thank you your sharing what most would not discuss!!! At the end of the day, how you feel matters. Results will come.

    Thank you for adding me in with your lifestyle routine Tina.

    See you in the morning.


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